AREsource offers both live and on-line seminars. Each type is in a lecture format presented by David J. Thaddeus, a highly respected Professor of Architectural Structures and Design at the School of Architecture at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and previously at the University of Houston.

LIVE | Face to Face

The LIVE | Face to Face Seminar is presented over a three day weekend, Friday through Sunday. It is an intense, concentrated, and fast paced review of the structures courses taken by most interns during their architecture school experience.

ONLINE | @ Your Pace

The ONLINE |  @ Your Pace Seminar is a pre-recorded version of an actual live seminar. This format is accessible from this website. Subscribers may stream the recording for 30 days and are able to stop, start and rewind as their personal schedules allow. Interns may replay areas they need the most help with. After the initial subscription expires, additional time may be added at a reduced weekly rate.