ARE Structural Systems Seminars by David Thaddeus


Online: @ Your Pace

This study option consists of 30 hours of video, selected from recordings of past live seminars, supplemented by additional segments specifically recorded to add clarity and continuity.  Subscribers receive access to the videos for 8 weeks, during which you may customize the seminar by pausing the videos as desired, repeating or skipping segments to suit your individual understanding and study schedule.  If you prefer a self-guided seminar or like to study in your pj’s, this is the seminar for you.

Live: Face-To-Face

This seminar is an intense but entertaining 30 hours of class time spread over a three-day weekend.  Prof. Thaddeus is a highly animated lecturer who integrates digital and physical models and the use of a tablet computer in his lectures to thoroughly illustrate important concepts. If you prefer a structured schedule for your test preparation, this is your best option.

Combination: Live & Online

If you just can’t get enough “structures”, this option is for you.  When you enroll in a live seminar through your local sponsor you will receive a discount on the purchase price of the online seminar.