Houston. TX. 2014

Comprehensive in delivering information. Excellent sense of humor; like comedy Defensive Driving for architects

Washington. DC. 2013

Takes the engineering talk out and is made specifically for architects

Alexandria. VA 2013

Superb. A true teacher. I have never been so happy and overwhelmed at the same time.  So much great material to read and learn with a beer in hand.
Intense. Torturous. Funny. Absolutely worth it.

NYC, NY - 2013

I cannot say enough about taking Thaddeus' seminar! three days of intense math and diagrams and lateral forces! All worth it...  I did not have nearly as much math on the exam - very little actually! But, the knowledge of the math and how to calculate and think about a problem really gave me the 'upper hand' on the exam!
You made a daunting task into A LOT of fun and made everyone feel right at home with the material. It was clear very early on that you know your stuff and are an amazing teacher –
Your dedication to your students is not something we see these days from educators and it was very much appreciated.  It's just such a a treat to come across someone who really loves what they do and excels at it so completely.
David, to you, a big thanks, for being a living encyclopedia, an amazing professor, who is     also so animating and engaging and not to forget, so patient with the crowd. 

    Houston, TX - 2012

    I really felt as if I would have been lost in the dark without taking this Seminar and now feel like I’ve been given a flashlight. 

    NYC, NY - 2012

    You are an exceptional and gifted teacher.  It was a pleasure for me to watch a master at work.  Your prioritization of the subject areas and demystification of the exam itself  - and abundance of helpful hints, tips and advice – will be, I am sure, as valuable as your excellent study materials.  Your graphics are very clear and the models hugely effective. You are also indefatigable!  I was in awe of your sustained energy, and humor! 
    Just wanted to say thank you again for your course.  It was invaluable in the structures test prep.  I think NCARB should simply mandate all ARE candidates take your course and forget about that exam all together.  
    I did not get a chance to thank you. While the ARE exams are painful, the process of studying does grow my knowledge. Your passion, your teaching ability and your humorous candor made the intense 3-days entirely enjoyable. 

    Alexandria, VA - 2011

    Thank you so much for your seminar, I consider it the only reason I was able to tackle this beast!  I'm still amazed at your ability to teach three straight days, 12 hours a day, calling all by name along the way.  Rest assured that you are making a huge difference in the road to the ARE of aspiring Architects, providing crucial road signs along the way.

    Houston, TX - 2011

    Happy Days.  Thank you for coming home once a year to do these Seminars.  You are an exceptional teacher of exceedingly boring stuff, and that alone makes a big difference for many people.

    Dallas, TX - 2011

    I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your seminar.  I've told everyone involved with the ARE that your seminar is crucial for success in the structures exam.  For myself I believe I walked away from the weekend with more than just the information that would get me through the exam, but a more in-depth understanding of structures that would actually make me a better architect.  
    Thank you for your willingness to teach others.  You really are very good at what you do.  I wish I had a reason to attend another seminar, I enjoyed it so much!  Let me know if you need a "teacher's aid" when you come to Dallas, I'll gladly volunteer.

    Miami - 2011

    I want to again thank you for your seminar.  I envisioned your face through the exam and mimicked your pronunciation of the term 'ductility' to help comfort me.  In the end, I thought that this was an easy test, (maybe because I studied so hard for it). That and you were sitting next to me in spirit.

    Albuquerque, NM - 2011

    Loved the class...it made me realize that I would have a great time if I ever decide to go back to school.  I appreciated the humorous, light-hearted approach to the lecture style, and I feel that I absorbed as much as I possibly could given the nature of the course.
    I just want you to know, I just received my results last night and I passed the Structural Exam.  I also want you to know that I don't think I could have done it without attending your class.  Your class gave me the confidence to stare structures in the eye, to deal with engineers at their level, to understand job walks and steel subs and realize what is going on and to speak with my peers with more confidence and knowledge.  I have you to thank and I must say I will never forget that.  Your class, but more importantly you, is what I appreciated the most.


    NYC, NY - 2010

    Prepared structures in a more approachable and comprehensible manner than I’ve ever seen for a subject matter previously thought to be over my head. 
    I was skeptical at first about spending twice as much money on a seminar than on the actual exam.  Now that I’ve taken it, I feel it was a bargain.  Better than the semester long course I  took in school by far.  Thank you!
    Professor Thaddeus speaks to architects in architectural terms, uses graphics that we understand.

    Baton Rouge, LA - 2010

    I was really impressed by the presentation      techniques, dynamics and materials used. Although those were three long days of class, they also went by so fast. I did not want to miss      a minute of it! It was all very valuable and I am very glad I attended! Aside from the great review seminar, it was also truly a great pleasure to have met you. You are really a terrific instructor!

    Auburn, AL - 2010

    We certainly could not have had this success without your incredible methods of relating this (daunting) material to us in an understandable and entertaining way.  I will never forget the 3 days in Auburn and am recommending your seminar to everyone that I know that is preparing to take the Structural Systems portion of the exam, including all my new friends on the AREforum.org.

    Houston, TX - 2010

    Even though we are faces that pass briefly through your seminar rooms, please know that you are making a fundamental difference in the lives of many.